Compensation Consulting

Rewarding Solutions designs, documents, and implements customized, cost-effective compensation programs which drive the results and behaviors needed for success in your organization.

  • Compensation Strategy
  • Base Pay Management including Pay for Performance
  • Incentive Pay Programs for individuals and teams
  • Sales Incentive Programs including commissions, bonuses, incentives, and SPIFS
  • Pay Structures including grades/bands, job hierarchies/matrices, and job descriptions
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Employee Recognition Plans
  • Compensation Tools for Management to ensure understanding and equity including salary administration manuals, merit increase guidelines, and pay correlation facilitation
  • Salary Surveys and related marketplace benchmarking
  • Market Pricing Systems and Job Evaluation Systems

“One of the ways I have enhanced my contributions as an effective business leader, is to select and partner with a small number of extremely well qualified consultants. Betty Richardson is one of those people. She was the first person I brought into Perfetti six years ago, when I started, and she quickly became a valuable asset to our VP of Sales and the entire Human Resources Leadership Team.

Getting your rewards strategy and tactics right is essential in attracting, motivating, and retaining talent, and Betty does that better than anyone I know. She has helped us to build and continue to refine our Sales Compensation Program and our Employee and Management Incentive Programs.

She adds value in almost every aspect of our compensation programs, including training our managers on Recognition. I can highly recommend her without reservation.”

— Brenda D. Gumbs; VP Human Resources; Perfetti Van Melle, NA
(makers of Mentos & Airhead candy)